Navigating 2G/3G Sunsets and Exploring New Technology

Most cellular providers have confirmed their plans to switch their 2G/3G networks. Especially with the arrival of 5G. Pre-sorting seems like a smart move to us. In cooperation with sister company Capestone, a specialized distributor of mobile internet solutions and IoT provider Kore Wireless we are happy to support you in this migration. During the promotion period of the 4th of march till 31th of May you can return your old routers to Capestone. In addition, we offer futureproof connectivity solutions and give you all support that is needed.

We have already selected a number of 4G / 5G routers for you to guide you through. For a free advice on hardware you can also check

To give you a deep dive into this subject 2G/3G sunsets, Kore Wireless and Comgate are organizing a webinar about futureproofed connectivity offerings on the 14th of april. To participate please register on the link below.


Ready for summer time?

You will receive the coolest Comgate coolbox when you hand in more than 20 routers to be summerproof. As an expert in the field of hardware and connectivity, we can also offer you future-proof advice. And because every industry and every company is different, we offer you customization and project support.


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